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Simplifying Enterprise Storage Management.

Estorian is a pioneer in Storage Resource Management for complex mainframe storage environments. With a dedicated focus on delivering robust, easy-to-use and cost-effective solutions, Estorian provides world-class software products that save you money, time and worry.

Today’s Financial Crisis Will Create Certain Changes in Corporate Compliance
Author: DCIG, LLC Size: 990KB
There is every reason to believe that history will replay itself during this current financial crisis with a new wave of corporate compliance requirements.
A Better Way To Manage Your Storage
Author: Bob Laliberte  Size: 89 KB
Bringing detailed file level management to open systems
Predictability & Storage Growth
Author: Jerome M. Wendt  Size: 62 KB
How Service-Oriented Software with Storage Analytics Addresses the Real Problems of Storage Management.
Storage and Energy Cost Management
Author: Terry Ross  Size: 77 KB
Rising power costs have server makers and other technology companies exploiting energy-efficient solutions.
Putting the Cat Back in the Bag
Author: Bill Pierce  Size: 144 KB
Estorian Introduces Solution for Stolen Laptop Data.
Storage Analytics
Author: Dallas Stewart  Size: 166 KB
Visibility into your storage infrastructure.
Role of analytics in infrastructure management
Author: Terry Ross  Size: 46 KB
The role of analytics in managing the technical infrastructure to sustain operational alignment with changing business needs.
SRM's New Allure
Author: Jerome M. Wendt  Size: 46 KB
Find out why businesses need SRM.
The Prescription for Storage Pain
Author: Jerome M. Wendt  Size: 47 KB
Prescription without diagnosis is malpractice.

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