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Simplifying Distributed Storage Management.

Estorian is a pioneer in Open Source Storage Management software. With a dedicated focus on delivering easy-to-use storage inventory management solutions, Estorian and Dr. Bill Pierce provide world-class utilities that save you time, money and worry.

fc_ping logofcping
Date: 04-2004  Size: 341 KB
The Fibre Channel Ping Utility (fcping) v1.5 is the Fibre Channel equivalent of the standard IP Networking utility ping, written by the late Mike Muuss. The fcping utility can be used as a troubleshooting tool on Fibre Channel Storage Area Networks (SANs). If you're a SAN or storage administrator, fcping should definitely be a part of your toolkit. fcping first appeared in an article in Sys Admin magazine in September 2002, and Estorian is proud to be the sponsor of this free, open source tool.

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io_profile logo io_profile
Date: 01-2004  Size: 156 KB
io_profile is a portable, command-line utility for measuring the spectrum (across I/O size) of performance of a given I/O stack from an application's perspective. If you're a systems engineer/architect, performance analyst, or storage administrator you'll want io_profile as part of your toolkit. Estorian is proud to be the sponsor of this free, Open Source tool.

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io_profile Beta
Date: 03-2006  Size: 265 KB
io_profile 2.0 is currently in Beta as version 1.86. Please download it using the link below and send feedback to ©2010 Estorian, Inc. All Rights Reserved.Legal|Privacy Policy