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TSF HSM Manager™

TSF HSM Manager for detailed real-time and historic reporting, analysis, and automation to manage DFSMShsm on DASD and Tape

TSF HSM Manager, an integrated component of TSF Professional — zSeries, simplifies HSM management to ensure the health and efficiency of your HSM system. With TSF HSM Manager, users can create and re-use sorts, filters, and searches, or monitor real-time HSM activity, to proactively identify and resolve potential issues before they impact your system performance. TSF HSM Manager provides countless customizable views, trends activity and provides detailed drill-down reports. This will improve efficiency of your dataset migration, recalls, backups, and recovery activities with easy identification of storage hotspots or thrashing activity. You can even monitor multiple HSM systems from a single consolidated view for maximum productivity.

With TSF HSM Manager, monitors, detects, analyzes, and resolves HSM-related issues 24/7.

Estorian TSF HSM Manager enables you to:

  • Examine the total impact of DFSMShsm recall, backup, and migration activity.
  • Understand the effect of SMS classes on your HSM environment and tune them to reduce excessive resource utilization.
  • Understand data in terms of megabytes or gigabytes being moved through migration and recall processing.
  • Track status and activity of DFSMShsm across multiple systems, and drill down for root-cause analysis.
  • Identify migration and recall patterns to minimize "thrashing" conditions, thereby saving CPU cycles, reducing tape mounts, and ultimately improving the "batch window".
  • Capture, identify, and summarize all DFHSM errors.

Supported Platforms:

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