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TSF Tape Manager™

TSF Tape Manager optimizes your z/OS tape environment to reduce cost, protect data, and save time.

TSF Tape Manager, an integrated component of TSF Professional — zSeries, complements your z/OS tape management system to monitor, detect, analyze, and resolve tape media and tape dataset issues across your z/OS environment. With powerful tools to sort, filter, trend, report, and drill-down to the dataset level, TSF Tape Manager increases tape media efficiency and protects tape data storage while improving system performance.

TSF Tape Manager enables you to:

  • Identify the amount and location of data stored on tape, its owner, its age, and whether errors are media- or device-related.
  • Quickly sort and filter datasets to isolate obsolete or infrequently used media.
  • Monitor and analyze valuable information concerning size of datasets, percentage of tape used, logical pool volumes to forcast storage and budgets.
  • Model migration from older media types and smartly acquire new media resources based on real world data.
  • Simplify the planning and implementation of Tape Mount Management (TMM) and Virtual Tape Systems (VTS) with easy identification of TMM and VTS candidates.
  • Create media - Search tapes by utilization, age, or department criteria and quickly turn data into media-summary tables.
  • Discover out-of-synch conditions through auditing capabilities and supplied tape analysis procedures.
  • Determine the status of scratch tapes throughout your environment, track usage and provide information to merge older, under-utilized tapes, thus releasing tape media for other uses.
  • Submit entire lists of media to automatically change tape status to Scratch, Checked In, Checked Out, or other status in one simple step.

Supported Platforms:

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