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TSF Automation Manager™

TSF Automation Manager resolves storage issues before they become business problems with powerful threshold and event based automation of routine storage management tasks.

TSF Automation Manager, an integrated component of TSF Professional — zSeries, is an automated solution to monitor, detect and resolve potential storage issues before they become business problems. Using a rules-based policy automation technology, TSF Automation Manager can initiate storage management actions at specific times, when a user-defined threshold is violated, or when a specic event occurs. It can automatically submit jobs, initiate a third-party application, or send alert messages to alleviate the manual tasks traditionally addressed by a storage administrator.

Estorian TSF Automation Manager enables you to:

  • Eliminate time-intensive manual troubleshooting with event and threshold based automation.
  • Execute critical tasks, jobs, and processes based on pre-defined schedules or events.
  • Increase productivity and manage more terabytes per person.
  • Monitor SMS status changes for a particular volume and automate a specific action or alert.
  • Monitor fragmentation indexes and submit defrags for those volumes based on pre-defined thresholds.
  • Track "out of space" conditions and automate the migration of datasets that have not been referenced in a specified number of days.

Supported Platforms:

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