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Business Challenges and Solutions for SRM
Space Utilization

Business Challenge:

Increase utilization across existing storage assets and effectively forecast future storage requirements.

Business Solution:

Leverage Existing Storage Assets

Monitor storage capacity and utilization to track storage requirements, detect potential hotspots and avoid the risk of disk saturation. Proactively identify and prevent storage allocation issues to keep mission-critical data available and to prevent application downtime. Audit storage inventory to better leverage the existing storage infrastructure and to eliminate wasted space caused by stale or unnecessary files.

  • Monitor disk utilization to avoid disk saturation and application downtime.
  • Detect storage hotspots and drill down to the file level to resolve issues with root-cause analysis.
  • Identify stale or unnecessary files with custom filters, Dynamic Groups, duplicate file analysis and custom file searches to eliminate wasted space.
  • Plan for storage and server consolidation events or the provisioning of new storage assets.
  • Perform a custom search for unrecoverable files.
  • Set best-practices with threshold based automation to track, alert and initiate action based on predefined events, helping you fix or prevent storage issues.
  • Create automated Action Sets to simplify deletion, migration and compression of files across the enterprise.

Forecast Future Storage Needs

Understand your storage utilization trends, create color graphs about growth activity and forecast future needs with endless flexibility to customize groups of storage assets based on your specific environment.

  • Compare point in time statistics gathered by storage asset group to understand specifics about changes.
  • Map trends and forecast capacity needs and disk space enterprise-wide. View current and historical data for total used and free space - by application, operating system, volume and by business unit. ©2010 Estorian, Inc. All Rights Reserved.Legal|Privacy Policy