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Flash Demos
Flash Demos

Preview the various components of the TSF product suite.

Estorian's TSF demos:

Drives Demo
See how quickly you can gain insight to all dimensions of drive usage by accessing the wealth of drive-level summary statistics with zoom capabilities to countless details layers.
Files Demo
Out of Space conditions result due to file creation and growth. File level reporting puts the administrator back in control through the power of knowledge concerning your storage.
Graph & Print Demo
Turn tables of data into meaningful information through powerful graphing features. Object based printing provides an industry unique engine for the ultimate in user configurable print.
Proactivity Demo
Increase productivity dramatically through the use of point and click script generation. Whether on one system or many, this powerful features makes the administrator immediately more productive.
Systems Demo
Inclusion of Windows, AIX, Linux and Solaris in one powerful, concise interface. Zoom features allow movement to file level quickly without leaving the current view.
Topology Demo
Stop spending hours figuring out how the system is configured. Using the Topology viewer, virtualization of drives and volumes are understood in seconds.
Volumes Demo
Understand the heart of storage administration through extensive collection of volume information including the use of volume managers.
IT organizations are not looking for yet another storage report, but there is a strong desire for true analytics - insight in to the environment with actionable best practices. Solutions that provide true analytics should be well received by the marketplace.

Dave Russell,
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