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Business Challenges and Solutions for SRM
Chargeback Reporting

Business Challenge:

The zero-cost business unit - How to accurately bill back for IT resources

Business Solution:

Chargeback Support

Accurately allocate storage costs across your organization by creating customized Dynamic Groups for an application, business unit, operating-system type, platform group or other storage asset. Elevate user awareness of storage consumed and accurately bill charges by usage data all while eliminating unnecessary waste.

  • Automatically detect storage resources: disks, volumes, directories, file systems, shared directories and files.
  • Inventory platforms, disks, volumes, file systems, directories, and files by application, operating system, platform and business unit.
  • Define Dynamic Groups of enterprise-wide storage assets by application, operating system, platform or business unit.
  • Trend growth by custom group to predict future storage needs by application, operating system, platform and business unit.
  • Audit storage utilization with customized reports on storage assets by type, age, last update, application and business unit.
  • Export data for use in enterprise chargeback systems or to allocate storage costs by application or business unit. ©2010 Estorian, Inc. All Rights Reserved.Legal|Privacy Policy