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Business Challenges and Solutions for SRM
Business Challenges and Solutions
By addressing key questions about your storage environment, Estorian's storage inventory management solutions simplify the planning and execution of IT initiatives to save you time, money and worry.

Estorian solutions help you answer the following important questions:

  • What is out there?
  • Where is it and who is using it?
  • How fast is it growing?
  • What is my utilization rate across volumes & LPARs?
  • Who is using the most storage?
  • What are my capacity needs by application or logical business group?
  • How much space is wasted with stale or duplicate data?
  • Where are the storage hotspots that need to be addressed?

Estorian solutions enable Storage Managers to successfully plan, execute and accomplish key IT initiatives, including:

  • Storage consolidation
  • Optimal capacity utilization
  • Storage-requirements forecasting
  • Chargeback and allocation of storage costs
  • HSM efficiency and execution
  • Contingency planning

Estorian storage-management solutions are simple to install, easy to use and provide immediate ROI by:

  • Improving storage utilization
  • Enabling intelligent capacity and backup planning
  • Helping you to manage more storage with the same staff
  • Ensuring application availability and service-level performance

Estorian storage-management solutions provide a comprehensive space-management, capacity-planning and data-management solutions for mainframe and heterogeneous storage environments-including consolidated mainframe and enterprise-wide monitoring, detection, analysis and automated resolutions for DAS environments. ©2010 Estorian, Inc. All Rights Reserved.Legal|Privacy Policy