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Business Challenges and Solutions for SRM

Business Challenge:

Manage storage and data based on its relative importance.

Business Solution:

Application-based Storage Management

Business applications continue to demand increasing amounts of storage, but not all applications are created equal. Each application has unique storage requirements in the areas of space, performance, security and availability in varying combinations. Approaching storage management strategically with an Application-Centric perspective ensures the most efficient use of your legacy environment to minimize storage costs, increase application service-level performance and eliminate the risk of application downtime.

  • Extend storage investment through intelligent distribution and provisioning of data across existing legacy platforms.
  • Manage and provision storage by application-driven needs to increase efficiencies and service levels.
  • Trend storage growth by business application to accurately forecast future storage needs.
  • Manage your storage with established best practices. Customized Dynamic Groups allow you to manage data by application, data and storage classes.
  • Set thresholds to automate Action Sets to delete, compress or migrate files defined as stale or unnecessary. ©2010 Estorian, Inc. All Rights Reserved.Legal|Privacy Policy