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About Estorian, Inc.

Estorian's enterprise-class Storage Resource Management (SRM) solutions increase control, reduce cost and increase efficiency of any IBM zSeries mainframe data storage operation.

Estorian continues to define the storage resource management (SRM) market serving global Fortune 2000 and mid-market customers. For nearly two decades, our TSF family of products has delivered easy-to-use, enterprise-class tools that monitor, detect, analyze and resolve storage issues; saving our customers time, money and worry. Estorian's TSF Professional — zSeries solution delivers intelligent, cost-effective and comprehensive IBM zSeries storage management that supports the full range of storage devices from a single point of control. For more information, visit

Estorian is committed to providing our customers with the highest level of technical support and expert product education. In addition to Estorian's dedicated customer support team, Estorian has forged long-standing alliances with industry leaders such as IBM and ASG to ensure a positive and productive total customer service experience.

Quite simply, no other provider can help you organize and manage your mainframe storage assets better than Estorian.

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